Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:39 pm EST

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About Market™ is a Website dedicated to promoting the availability of SBA financing solutions for American small businesses, and to acting as an Internet gateway for borrowers seeking financing to be connected with participating approved SBA lenders.

The founders of™ realized that there was need to provide this type of portal, because businesses and entrepreneurs were often unclear about what exactly the SBA does, and what was the best way to apply for an SBA loan.

One of the most common misunderstandings about SBA small business loans is that many people think the SBA directly makes small business loans, when in fact the SBA is not actually making the loan, they are providing a partial loan guarantee for an authorized lender who is making the loan and loosening up certain criteria since the Government is in essence guaranteeing substantial performance of the loan.

To further complicate things, each SBA lenders has their own way of processing loan requests, and different underwriting guidelines, because they are still on the hook for a portion of the loan.

At™, we are striving to be the go to Website when you are searching for an SBA loan, and our expedited processing program has allowed us to generate tremendous interest in the use of our site and service. And, although™ does not charge a fee to borrowers, the support we receive from participating SBA lenders and from other sponsors and partners, allows continue to grow and expand the free services offered.

Especially in these unique economic times, the public and the banks need services like those offered through™, and as the credit markets loosen even more,™ plans to be there every step of the way, continually adjusting our services to meet with the current needs of the public.™ is brought to you by Market Direct Capital, a service of Market Direct Enterprises LLC.